Say hello to Young Cairo. A one-man indie pop art-making machine. Part music, part design, he's the restlessly artistic child of two Egyptian engineers; a modern-day descendent of pharaohs, Nile wanderers and pyramid builders. Sort of.

The man, the myth, the figment that is Young Cairo comes to life by way of a debut album titled Sing Don't Sleep! It's been built, layer upon layer, across five countries, eight studios and an army of hard drives over two-and-a-bit years of sleeplessness. It's a hooky album full of colourful sounds ranging from The Beach Boys to Prince, with artwork and designs that playfully clash ancient Egypt and modern day pop.

The first single taken from Sing Don't Sleep! is a bright bang in the night called 'Ghosts'. It's two-and-a-half minutes of harmony-laden, clap-happy, 60s-flavoured pop. An infectiously catchy song about not being able to sleep, aptly conjured during a lucid dream. True story.

So say hello to Young Cairo. And stay tuned for the album, coming soon.


You are invited

After 2 years of writing and recording, across 5 countries, in 8 different studios, with a swag of different engineers and musicians, Young Cairo is finally ready to introduce himself and his music-meets-design project to you by way of musical & visual goods at The Young Cairo Pop Shop.

Bring your eyes and ears to the opening night. (RSVP essential)

Thursday 6 September
UNM, 118 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
6:30PM ~ 9:00PM